A Brief History Of  SPIN

SPIN started in the early 80’s by a group of Service Coordinators from the Senior Centers. The original goal of SPIN was to educate and inform the coordinators and to assist in identifying seniors who were eligible for services.

In the early 90’s Assisted Living and Retirement Facilities were beginning to crop up and this was a great place to network and learn as much as possible about new and innovative ways to serve the seniors in our community meetings. Meetings were held at different locations each month on the west side of Portland. This offered us the ability to tour facilities as those involved felt it important for attendees to see the buildings and people to whom members refer.

In early 2000 a steering committee was established. In addition, there were so many requests to host meetings on the east side of town that SPIN took on a broader audience alternating meetings between east and west sides of Portland. By the mid 2000’s SPIN develop an online presence and regular email communication. This replaced the costly and inefficient paper mailings that used to be relied on to announce upcoming meetings.

Each year the format of email, website, electronic invitations and self-enrollment to receive invitations, location and speaker decisions has been analyzed, and each year the Board has continued with the same effective formula.  SPIN still operates without funding, and the board remains grateful to the hosts and speakers who fill those roles.

Currently close to 900 people receive invitations to our monthly events. The continued focus on CEU accredited presentations and networking opportunities makes SPIN a premier organization and high on the list of must attend meetings.  SPIN remains true to the mission of providing quality continuing education and networking opportunities to senior healthcare professionals

SPIN expanded to Lane County in 2004. Currently, there are about 350 members in Lane County that receive our monthly meeting announcements and about 70 people attend our events each month. In 2009, SPIN of Lane County started the Annual SPIN Fair. This gives group members an opportunity to provide community education, promote their business, network, and inform seniors about resources in the area. Over 350 people attend the fair annually and attendance has grown year after year.